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Progressive Die Stamping of Beryllium Copper for the Oil Exploration Industry

Beryllium Copper Oil Exploration Industry

Using over half a century of metal forming experience Volkert Precision Technologies, Inc. produced a progressive die copper stamped product for a customer in the oil exploration industry. The part shown below is for power tubes used in detecting ground oil.

We used a Minster press to form these precise beryllium copper stampings. Manufacturing this part requires many secondary operations. Our innovative method consolidated the process into one operation, a solution that brought significant cost savings to our customer. The concise process produced a beryllium copper part measuring 0.714” in diameter and 0.005” thick. Designed according to customer specifications and using CAD drawings, each unit maintained tight tolerances of ± 0.0005”. For quality control, we performed dimensional and visual inspections using our Smart Scope, as well as random product checks. Volkert Precision Technologies, Inc.'s customized processing of progressive die stamping of beryllium copper is a result of metal forming know-how and quality standards application. For more details, see the table below or contact us directly.

Highlights of Progressive Die Stamping of Beryllium Copper Project

Product Description This product is used in power tubes to detect oil in the ground.
Progressive Die Stamping Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Progressive Die Stamping
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Minister Press
Overall Part Dimensions Diameter: Ø 0.714”
Material Thickness: 0.005”
Tightest Tolerances ± 0.0005”
Material Used Beryllium Copper
Material Finish Bright
Additional Facts Stamping Features: Stamped Louvers
Special Feature: Burr Free
In process testing/inspection performed Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection
Patrol Inspection/Random Spot Checks
Industry for Use Oil Exploration
Volume 25,000
Delivery/Turnaround Time Stocking Program – JIT
Delivery Location New Jersey
Standards Met Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Precision Metal Stamping
Why did you choose this project to show case? This part required many secondary operations. We built a progressive die to manufacture this part in one operation, resulting in significant cost savings for our customer.
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